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| How To Create SolidTrustPay Account |

SolidTrustPay is one of the most used e-currencies nowadays. SolidTrustPay was designed so that anyone with an email account can send or receive SolidTrustPay verified funds. It is incorporated under the laws of Canada. A great number of online HYIP's and Autosurfs take Solid Trust Pay as a form of payment. The number of user is growing a lot.

How to Open a SolidTrustPay Account
  1. To start creating a SolidTrustPay account go to -

  2. On the SolidTrustPay site click on the "SIGN UP" link in the upper left corner.

    Create SolidTrustPay Account
  3. In this screen you have to choose account type. For personal use suitable is "Personal Account".

    Create SolidTrustPay Account
  4. Fill the form with necessary data. Use valid information or you may have trouble to use your account.

    • "First Name" field: enter your First name (e.g.: James).
    • "Last Name" field: enter your Last name (e.g.: Frank).
    • "Date of Birth" field: chose your birth date with the mouse (e.g. 11th of January 1975. It's optional, You may leave it blank if you want).
    • "Occupation" field: chose your occupation (It's optional, You may leave it blank if you want).
    • "Citizenship"; field: chose your citizenship (It's optional, You may leave it blank if you want).
    • "Select a Username" field: chose your desired username. It'll be used as your account ID. (Maximum 16 character, may be a combination of letters and numbers but can't be only numbers)
    • "Select a Login Password" field: chose your password, you'll need it to login to your account. (Maximum 16 character, MUST be a combination of letters and numbers)
    • "Confirm Login Password" field: retype/confirm your password.
    • "Secondary Password" field: chose your secondary password. You will need it for all Withdrawals and Transfers. (Maximum 16 character, MUST be a combination of letters and numbers)
    • "Confirm Secondary Password" field: retype/confirm your secondary password.
    • "Email Address" field: enter a Valid email address. (NON-FREE email address is preferred)
    • "Verifiable Phone Number" field: enter your phone number which can be verifiable. (e.g. 456124589)
    • "Country" field: chose your country of residence from the drop-down menu (e.g.: United States).
    • "Province/State" field: chose your state from the drop down list. (e.g.: Colorado).
    • "ZIP/Postal Code" field: enter your ZIP/Postal Code. (e.g.: 123456).
    • "City" field: enter the city you live in (e.g.: Los Angeles).
    • "Verifiable Address" field: enter your street address and house number.

    SolidTrustPay Signup Form

    After filling all the required information enter the captcha words, tick both "Receive email notification" and "Yes, I've read the Terms and Conditions prior to signing up" and click the SIGN UP button.

    If you are confused with something then run the 'sign up assistance' which you will find at the bottom of the form.

    SolidTrustPay Account Sign Up Assistance

  5. Your account is now created, check your e-mail and you will find a message with a confirmation link. You must follow the link to complete the registration process.

    Sign up process complete
  6. After clicking the confirmation link, log in to your account.

    Login to SolidTrustPay Account
  7. This is your account, you can find all the information in this page.

    Back Office Of SolidTrustPay Account
  8. The next step is submitting your documents for account verification. You can still use your account while it's not verified but with some restrictions like -

    • You may not use credit/debit cards or bank accounts.
    • You can send or receive $25 per $25 per transfer (up to $500 total) every 5 days.
    • You may fund via cashiers cheque, money orders or bank wires.
    • Unverified members must provide proof of age when withdrawing funds.

SolidTrust Pay - 6717381 Canada Inc.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 551
Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Physical Address:
47 William Street
Bobcaygeon, ON

Toll Free phone: 877-801-1777
Regular phone: 705-731-0735
Fax: 705-731-0341

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